Kirkham Kattery Rescue Inc. / Humane Society Emerald Coast

Kirkham Kattery Rescue Inc. / Humane Society Emerald Coast

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Milton, FL
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My wife Ella & I Allan will recieve any items or cash donations which will help support our Registered 501c3 Nonprofit in the saving of Felines off of death row from numerous counties in the Gulf area
Cash, food ,litter, medicine, bedding, towels small & large, cleaning supplies, tile floor scrubber, condo/towers, small tables, chairs, medicine for colds & ringworm, toys , cages, coffee, help
About Us: 
These poor felines only mistake was our economy & the oil spill in the Gulf that caused numerous familes to lose jobs & their homes & of course the first loved ones to go are the family pets. When all the no kill shelters are full they wind up at the pound kill shelters which beg our Kattery to take in prior to being put down. This is were we get the bulk of our felines which are delivered to us from roughly 6 counties. We take them in & adopt out. We go thru roughly 800 pounds of litter & 400 to 500 lbs of food a week not to mention medical & flea/worm medication. We created our Kattery due to the high number of wasted lifes in this area & just felt it was the right thing to do after the both of us retiring from the US Air Force. If you enter the Kirkham Kattery Rescue Inc you will find our many posts on the internet. Thank you for reading.
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Please help by supporting & giving to our felines that are brought here off of death row to survive.

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